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Please feel free to look around the site. If you are looking for something in particular, feel free to ask. Also, let me know if you have any Cox items to sell or trade.

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What is Anodizing?

 Anodizing involes a process where the aluminum is placed in an electrolyte and an electric current is passed through it. During this process a film of clear oxide is formed over the aluminum. This thin film is grown out of the metal, and is a part of the original piece.This layer is Aluminum Hydroxide. Unlike paint, chrome or other types of plating an anodized surface will not peel away.The anodized surface is very hard and is very wear resistant. This layer is made up of microscopic pores which resembles honeycomb. One of the great points of this layer is that it can be dyed any color of the rainbow! Once dyed the anodize layer is sealed and the color is locked into the aluminum.

Custom Splash Anodized tank with Chromed cylinder

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