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Here at HypercolorNC Anodizing we offer many kinds of engine upgrades. It's not hard to tell we cater to the demanding Cox engine enthusiest. Whether it's a simple overhaul of your engine or a complete rebuild with custom machine work and anodizing we have you covered!
  • Custom Anodizing
  • Cylinder Chrome Plating
  • Custom Machine Work
  • Engine Overhauls
  • Performance Upgrades

RR-1 Clone
Have you ever wanted a Cox RR-1? Have you been scared to buy one of these prized classic engines and fly them?
Fear no more!!!

These wonderful Cox RR-1 Clones are the next best thing to an original rare engine. These handcrafted engines feature:

  • Custom turned crankcase with correct number of ribs.
  • Custom turned 8cc reed valve stunt tank with correct number of ribs.
  • Electric blue anodized tank that matches original color.
  • Spinner
  • Wrench
  • Serial number card
  • Crystal box display case.





Custom Cox Scorpion .049

Custom Cox Witch Doctor

The engines listed on this page are custom built. They are not a stocked item but rather built after an order has been placed.

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